Sheila Tillich Universal Master Energy Healer, Evidential Medium, and Metaphysical Minister

Sheila B. Tillich is a renowned Holistic Energy Healer. She has spent most of her life learning, practicing and teaching the healings arts in both conventional medical settings and Holistic healthcare.

Sheila became certified by The Center of Being, where she later was recognized as a top IET Master Instructor and Master Instructor Trainer. She is a licensed HeartMath® Coach/Mentor, Unity Field Healing (UFH) Practitioner, Master Reiki Practitioner, and deeply experienced Metaphysical Practitioner.

Sheila specializes in Online Distant Healing Services; Energy Healing, HeartMath Coaching, Spiritual Counseling, Life Issue Recovery Mentoring, DNA Healing activations, Angel Card Readings, Angel Healing and Empowerment Classes (non-attunement)

Tracey Roberts-Dunsmoor Intelligent Benevolent Multidimensional Energy Healer & Wisdom Winder

Are you ready to remember who you really are and be finished at last with the “drama”

that holding you back from your true Self?

Tracey’s work today derives from the culmination of a life of experience and great challenge – a life tailored to evoke the spiritual strength and wisdom that is infused in her healing and mentoring support.

She sees her role today as a “multidimensional energy mentor” – able to meet you wherever you are on your journey.

Through table sessions and exchange, Tracey is here to help you on your path of Mastery. Her clientele includes seasoned healers and gifted teachers who are looking to widen, deepen and shift their beliefs and perspectives. Tracey has been called an Oracle and Alchemist of Our Times able to penetrate the unseen, the Shadows and the Cosmos. She is able travel with you in unraveling and putting to rest personal questions which may include:

Who am I?

Why am I here?

Where am I going?

What is my life’s purpose?

Tracey is the Jewelry Creatrix for Dr. John Ryan of Unity Field Productions. Tracey has embodied a visceral gift of tuning into your unique Vibrational frequency to ascertain your Akashic Agreements as well as the Blueprint of the 24th Chromosome. She uses this wisdom on your behalf for strength and clarity into experiences you have and/or have had. Tracey works with precious metals and semi-precious gemstones to create unique bracelets for you to:

Align with the Sovereignty of Your HigherSelf

Anchor yourself with SophiaGaia

Activate Your Destiny

“Adironnda (Marilyn Harper) said Tracey is a ‘Stone Whisperer’ not only does she speak with the crystals and Elementals - they also speak to her.”

January & February 2021*

  • January 25th 7:11pm EST

    January 25th 7:11pm EST

    Price $22.00

  • February 1st 7:11pm EST

    February 1st 7:11pm EST

    Price $11.00

  • February 8th 7:11pm EST

    February 8th 7:11pm EST

    Price $22.00

  • February 15th 7:11pm EST

    February 15th 7:11pm EST

    Price $11.00

  • February 22nd 7:11pm EST

    February 22nd 7:11pm EST

    Price $22.00

Lightworkers Connection/Lemurian Sisterhood New Moon in Capricorn Circle

7:11pmWelcome & Introductions


7:30Tune-In and Check-In

7:50What am I going to create, to transform and to risk?

It's time to find a new kind of personal power anchored in your own Truth.

8:10Guided Meditation

8:25Sharing & Questions

A space for everyone to share her experience and ask questions.

8:45Announcements and a Channeling from the StarMothers



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